Executive Board

Normand Legault


Market gardener from Laval. Bereaved since 2015. I used LumiVie’s services which allowed me to get a new look on life. By its active listening and empathy, LumiVie brings relief to the grief that makes us lose our way.

Mireille Corriveau


Nursing assistant, team leader in the nursing department, retired since 2002. I have known LumiVie for several years, working with active members and I have been a member since 2011.

Johanne Turcotte


I have a management profile. My experience with the public and my training in human relations have allowed me to develop skills in terms of acceptance, active listening and moral and spiritual support.

Linda Éthier


In the fall of 2012, I discovered LumiVie following a search on the web.  I had recently lost my mother whom I had assisted at the end of her life at the Maison des Soins Palliatifs of Laval.  I was so grateful to this organization that I decided to volunteer in the end-of-life and bereavement field.  Being recently retired from teaching at the elementary school, I had the necessary availability to get involved in the support in bereavement groups.  Then, in 2014, I also became a member of the executive board.

Claire Gosselin


I am retired from the health and social services sector.  My personal, professional and management experience have brought me to LumiVie. I am committed to supporting people who are bereaved or at the end of their lives.

Ronald Martineau


For over thirty years, I have been a consultant to business leaders in the development of their marketing and market development strategies. My involvement with LumiVie is to share my experiences so that the organization can help more bereaved people.

Hélène Nadeau

Directrice générale LumiVie

Après une formation en enseignement des arts, j’ai œuvré dans les musées en tant qu’éducatrice. Au fil de la vie professionnelle et avec l’ajout de formations, je suis devenue une gestionnaire d’OBNL du milieu culturel et du milieu de l’éducation. Être à LumiVie, c’est avoir la chance de travailler dans un nid de bienveillance pour les êtres humains en souffrance.