Introduction to Palliative Care

This training is intended for

  • People who wish to provide support.
  • Health and social services workers.
  • People whose loved one has received a severe diagnosis.
  • Individuals who want to think about people at the end of life.

Training goals

  • To ensure an optimal quality of life for people in the palliative phase
  • To support family members in their presence with the ill person
  • To enable caregivers to meet the needs of the ill person and their loved ones
  • To ensure the respect and dignity of people at the end of their life
  • To understand the grieving process in order to better support people in this difficult stage of life

Content overview

Stages of dying, communication, awareness of self and others, quality of life, global approach, attitudes towards death, the caregiver and stress, grief, spirituality, bioethics, etc.


  • Hélène Authier, nurse specialized in palliative care.
  • Carole Singher, LumiVie and TRA counsellor.

Duration: 6 days

Fees: $200

Training is offered on a regular basis, please fill out the interest form and we will keep you informed of upcoming dates. 

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Training is offered on a regular basis, please fill out this interest form and we will contact you to let you know about upcoming training dates.

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Bereavement training

For schools, educational institutions, businesses, community organizations and any other group of people.

While our society obscures the reality of death, everyone is inevitably confronted with this situation at some point, whether it is a death or the announcement of a serious illness that makes grief predictable. This is true in all forms of organizations, where grief is experienced and where people are grieving.

This training may be of interest to organizations concerned with the mental well-being of the people who work for them. The training aims to demystify grief and help participants deal with it, individually and collectively.

Goals of the training

  • To help understand what grief is and the importance of its uniqueness.
  • To help normalize the emotions and feelings experienced.
  • To identify appropriate attitudes and behaviors towards others.

Duration: 3 hours 


  • $300 + transportation costs.
  • A reduced fee is available for non-profit organizations.

Please contact us at 450-687-8311